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Adam's Angels provides essential items to those experiencing hardship in our community.

The Angels touch. Every week, we distribute 300 bags of non-perishable foods around greater Santa Barbara and serve guests, individually, providing personal attention when finding clothes and gear to match their needs. We have assembled and distributed hundreds of Kits4Kids containing personal hygiene items to low income students of the Santa Barbara Unified School District. We deliver groceries and meals to the home-bound elderly. During the holiday season, we prepare and serve hundreds of wholesome hot meals to anyone who wishes to join us.


In every act and every item we deliver, we provide human connection without judgement or expectations - reminding guest and volunteer that human kindness is our essence and there are no divides between us.

At this time, the three main arms of Adam's Angels outreach in our community are:


Every week, volunteers gather to prepare hundreds of bags containing non-perishable food and drink items.


These bags are then distributed throughout the week at various locations - from Carpinteria to Goleta - directly to those in need by Adam's Angels or by our partners.

Each bag contains cans of high-protein chicken or tuna, crackers, organic cereal bars, cookies, juices and water.

These items are purchased by Adam's Angels and financial donations are required for this project to continue.


At our weekly outreach events at Alameda Park, we provide new and gently used clothing and shoes to our guests.


T-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans and jackets; tennis shoes and working boots are freely given, along with blankets, sleeping bags, backpacks and others.

These items are donated to Adam's Angels by our community or by a partnered thrift store.


Adam's Angels will then evaluate each item for cleanliness and condition before distribution at our events.


Personal care is essential for the health and well-being of every person.

We provide dental, hair, body and feminine care items to adults and to local students via the Kits4Kids program.

Personal care boosts self-esteem and self-confidence - which are essential for lifting one's life from hardship.

Hygiene items are purchased by Adam's Angels from financial gifts, or can be donated by purchasing from our Amazon wish list.


Neighborhood Navigation Centers with SB ACT

Adam's Angels outreach events occur every Thursday afternoon at Alameda Park, on the corner of Sola and Santa Barbara streets. This is when we distribute most of our clothes, food and personal care items, as part of the Neighborhood Navigation Center, organized by SB ACT - a system of several groups that together are tackling the problem of homelessness in Santa Barbara.

Alpha Resource Center of Santa Barbara

Alpha empowers individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (“IDD”) through programs that support families, create opportunities, and foster belonging for the IDD community.  To fulfill the high demand of specific clothing items not acquired from community donations, we partnered with Alpha’s Thrift Stores, who provides us with surplus donated clothing that they were not able to sell. We then close the donation loop by putting these clothes into the hands of people, in our community, who desperately need them.

Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (CADA)

Alcohol and drug addiction is one of the main causes of continued homelessness. Santa Barbara's CADA provides addiction treatment in residential detox programs for person's who are experiencing homelessness, and they often arrive with little or no clothing or personal items. CADA assesses their needs, and Adam's Angels provides the clothing, shoes and hygiene items specific to each individual's requests.

Showers of Blessing

Showers of Blessing is a wonderful local organization providing mobile shower facilities daily at various locations throughout Santa Barbara. After showering, guests receive a bag of non-perishable foods provided by Adam's Angels.

Santa Barbara Doctors Without Walls

The Santa Barbara Street Medicine provide free medical care and mental health service referrals to under-served populations in Santa Barbara County. At their free clinics, they distribute bags of non-perishable foods provided by Adam's Angels.


C.A.R.E.4Paws’ mission is to keep pets healthy and with their families for life. It provides free/low-cost veterinary care, support with pet food/supplies,  temporary pet care for domestic violence survivors and many other services to help pet families in need. C.A.R.E.4Paws partners with us at our Thursday night outreach events, providing those in need with easy access the resources to care for their pets.

Santa Barbara Education Foundation

SBEF provides and supports programs that enrich the academic, artistic, and personal development of all students in the Santa Barbara Unified School District. Adam's Angels provides personal care kits to SBEF, who distributes them throughout all schools within the district to fulfill the need for hygiene products of students from low income families.

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