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Adam’s Angels and the Santa Barbara Education Foundation (SBEF) joined forces to provide personal hygiene kits to Elementary through High School students in the Santa Barbara Unified School District. See the press release here.


In a recent assessment conducted by SBEF, lack of access to personal care products was the greatest unmet need of school children in our community. Adam's Angels created the Kits4Kids campaign to help alleviate this need, year-round.


The kits contain full size dental, hair and body care products that are gender and age neutral, and feminine care items are provided to the schools to be distributed as appropriate. The kits are part of the We Care campaign by SBEF, which maintains closets at each school containing clothing, bus passes, grocery store gift cards and other needed items.


Launched in May 2022, the aim of this project is to provide hundreds of kits 2 or 3 times a year, to fulfill the constant demand for personal care items.


To support this project, donations can be made via financial gifts (checks or online) and by purchasing from our Amazon wishlist. All donations are tax-deductible.

If donating by check, please include your current mailing address. Please mail checks to:

Adam's Angels​

1187 Coast Village Rd, PO Box 1321

Santa Barbara, CA 93108

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